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Pi is Infinitely Long and that's okay

[P6 Maths and up: Pi]

Ever thought about making your own music? The good thing is that there's strictly no wrong way to make or play music, as long as you achieve the effect / energeia your piece strives to recreate.

For those who do enjoy this toiling process and answering Singapore's call for more arts-focused growth, why not try your hand at making your own chords for this sequence? Personally, my instrument is the erhu so it's not easy for me to pull this off. The erhu requires my fingers to pressure its strings at the right spots to create notes, instead of having the right frequencies already tuned to the correct pitch.

(those who're interested in erhu lessons may consult this blog post directly for further details, it's a much handier instrument compared to the guitar or piano which you can't always carry everywhere)


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