Where did the formula for a sphere's volume come from?

[Sec 2 & onwards Mathematics - Volume of Spheres] You might come across some strange formulae in Maths which your teacher does not explain in detail. For example: The volume of a pyramid, (⅓ x base area x height) is easily visualised by taking a simple cube and letting all 8 corners join at the centre to make 6 pyramids, however it's not always obvious at first glance. What I'd like to cover today, is a particular formula that has captured the fascination and confusion of many students across the world - The volume of a sphere. As you might see from the video, the annulus that forms when the cylinder subtracts the cone's area happens to have the same area as the cross-section of the hemisphe

Viruses - A Micro Perspective

[Pri/Sec Science/Biology - Cells & Micro-organisms]: The COVID-19 pandemic that has taken the world by storm has undoubtedly cast a spotlight onto the wide-ranging economic repercussions that may take years to be normalised. Though it is readily apparent to most individuals the various impacts that have been brought on such as debilitating medical conditions; dramatic alterations in human behaviour; entire industries being crippled and rising unemployment, the list goes on - it may not be obvious to some as to how this parasitic microbe evolves at a microscopic level. This video offers a light summary:

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