Parallel Lines and Similar Figures

You might wonder at some point what parallel lines were used for. To cut wooden planks and stone bricks? To partition dough in equal sizes for cooking pizza? To make rulers and hammers and other tools? Well, as it turns out, all of the above and more. Before the times table was organised neatly by John Leslie (yes, he's the Scottish mathematician & physicist who recommended the times table to schools) it was not easy memorising the times table when it went all the way up to 99 x 99. Simply put, learning multiplication before we had proper schools teaching us the proper method was very hard. So people needed easy ways to do calculations that didn't require too much memory work. Enter the Meso

Squares within Triangles - A New Perspective

[S2 Maths - Congruence and Similarity] When it comes to Maths, most of the things actually performed seem to be useless in today's world. When were we ever going to use the rate of water flow in real life, when we simply needed to turn on the tap and fill the kettle with water for boiling? Depending on one's future career, your time in school could be next to useless when framed that way. And it's a difficult argument to convince otherwise. Primarily, Maths is segregated into two different categories - Pure Mathematics, and Applied Mathematics. The latter is something that is used in work-life most of the time, be it designing machinery or working in high voltage environments. But, before on

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