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Mathematics is pretty hard

[Maths - All levels]

You have heard from your friends, seniors, relatives and many other fellow students that Maths is pretty hard.

Yeah, it is. After all, it's not something you can really work out by intuition. It's difficult to the point that many papers on many different types of problems have occurred throughout the ages.

But hey, don't feel bad for getting your Maths wrong. Feel bad for this guy instead:

Not only did he make a Maths mistake, he made the first known Maths error. Of course, some may argue that he purposely made the mistake. But you sometimes see teachers correcting their mistakes and saving face by saying things like "I was just testing you" or "Just checking to see if you are paying attention".

We all make mistakes; it's part of growing up. Nobody is perfect, and nobody should expect to be. The superheroes in your cartoons, the influencers you follow on Tiktok, they're all human in the end as well. But it takes a whole deal of courage to take responsibilities for your mistakes.

And, think about it: Even if Kushim did own up to his mistake back then, he got immortalised as the first person in history with a known Maths error. You should feel somewhat glad that your mistake doesn't get put up on a museum.


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