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Diodes and Solar Panels

Diodes & Solar Panels

[S3/S4 Physics & Chemistry: Electricity / Covalent Bonds] The greatest dilemma of modern energy generation confronts the serious problem of trying to make renewable energy substitute what limited fossil fuels we still have left on Earth.

As such, it is imperative to understand circuitry and how it may be used in everyday lives. With the copious amount of rain and sun Singapore experiences, many might think of solar panels and hydro-electric alternatives for their renewable energy source of choice. After all, most school kids have participated in the construction of a toy car powered by a solar panel.

But how do diodes & solar panels actually work in a circuit? Steve Mould walks you through the way a diode conducts electricity in one direction, and explores in-depth the secrets that underlay the key to our "renewable energy based" future.

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