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Student Testimonial

Our heartiest congratulations to student Marc Lim who received O Level A1s for both his Physics and Chemistry! We are very pleased to have contributed to your good results. Thank you very much for your kind words below and we look forward to seeing you soon for your J1 lessons!

“Something I really liked about how Mr Lim (Physics) taught me was how critical he was of my answers. Even though, in my head, I knew these concepts were correct, but he always found faults in my answers for me to improve on. Even if the concepts and ideas were correct, he was very critical about the way in which I explained it. This was because my answers could sometimes be ambiguous and could lead to the marker misinterpreting it, which would lead to a loss of marks. As such, it made me realise that not only were concepts important, but the way in which I explained them was too. It made me practise writing in very clear and understandable phrasing such that it would be hard for the examiner to deduct my marks away.

I also liked how Ms Violet Lim would question me about topics I have done every now and then. This was extremely helpful in jotting my memory for topics which I have done months ago, which, in the long term, really helped me to remember almost everything in Chemistry. Without the occasional questioning about previous topics, there is a high chance that I may have forgotten about the concepts in them as I would not be doing them in school.

Mind Centre also has a really good studying method they called the “quick method.” It involves looking at the questions, thinking about the answers, and striking them off if you got it right. It was extremely helpful for me because I found that when I did the questions through writing, I would more often than not be spending more time writing than actually thinking. Hence, using this method really allowed me to squeeze 20 minutes worth of studying into just 5 minutes or less. However, it is still important to practice writing answers as it helps to verify whether or not you have the necessary keywords in your answers”.

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