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Maths just doesn't fit the brain very well

[Sec 2 Maths and above: Probability]

The title is pretty self-explanatory.

There is a distinct difference between independent events and dependent events. However, living in our confined framework of time, we tend to latch onto favourable outcomes alone; when we roll a negative, we hope for the probability to have a rebound. When we get a good outcome, we want it to stay that way. We're rational actors in that sense, always reaching for the best outcome.

It's fine to be competitive, but practise it in moderation. Don't get too fixated on a win or loss. You should always face probabilistic situations with a hint of doubt. Accept that losing happens just as often as winning, since most games and life events tend to be zero-sum.

TL;DR Don't gamble. But if you're forced to, don't get swept away by the outcomes, both good and bad.


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