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Eye twisting!?

[S3/4 Biology - The Eye] Kept you waiting, huh? Haha.

Have you ever twisted your fingers when you were younger while playing tag / catching with friends or cousins or other classmates in general? Yes? No?

Well, did you know that you can TWIST YOUR EYE!?

I didn't believe it at first neither, but it makes sense. Deer, elks, moose, pigeons, mice and other prey animals do require that sort of eye rotation in order to move through the forest without feeling dizzy. It's incredible that our body can repurpose that sort of movement in a different way.

We can't do it as well as other prey animals do, of course. But it's inside of our genes, for the day where we have to accept that mutation in order to survive in a new climate. It should make you appreciate the power that our bodies have, for us to hold onto something we may almost never use for the rest of our life in hopes that our offsprings one day may require it.


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