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Dec 22nd Christmas Special - It's 80% accurate!

[S2 Maths and above - Probability]

A wonderful Christmas to you! And have I a wonderful video to share with you.

It's 80% accurate, yes, but it can also be 20% inaccurate. We like to think that we will get four out of five targets if we perform five tries on five targets, but the truth couldn't be further than that. Each individual attempt is its own 80%; and it's entirely possible for the 20% chances to be stacked up on each other, where you land on zero of the five targets you aimed at despite having an 80% accuracy.

Want to see the full lecture? The Royal Institute is kind enough to share last year's Christmas lectures for you to enjoy three hours' worth of an insight into the intricacies of Mathematics.

Part 1: Part 2: Part 3:


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