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[S3 and up: Social Studies]

Hey, so. Here's something to tickle your mind a bit.

This 'class' they stress as the main divider doesn't seem easy to define, so let me break it down for you:

Class, in this case social class, indicates one's capacity in the society, how the society and its systems tend to reward its people and how they engage with the facilities in society. Class can be defined in a couple of ways: 1) the educational level of the individual, 2) the income earned by the individual, 3) number and quality of possessions, such as having your own HDB flat or being in possession of a lot of rocks on the beach.

So, here's the interesting question: Based on the video's findings, those of lower social class believed education to be important; but those of higher social class didn't emphasise on education, and prioritised good connections (social capital) instead. What do you think that means? Post your comments, if any, below.


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