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A Walk in the Woods

Hurray! School Holidays are here! How are you spending your school holidays?

How about spending some fruitful time in nature - absorbing the oxygen given out by plants, increasing Vitamin D stores in your body from some sunlight, and getting some exposure to Science at the same time?

Our tutors have noticed that students who are exposed to nature tend to have better understanding of Science concepts and questions. This is because, having had elements of nature being imprinted in their brains, they can visualise them better, eg leaf shapes, flowers, sand etc.

Did you know there are several nature trails in Singapore where you can easily go on free self-guided walks? You can learn more about nature and for some of the trails, you can also learn more about the history of Singapore at the same time.

Alternatively, sign up for FREE Guided Walks!

Go on, pick one! Remember your insect-repellant, sunblock etc! We hope you have a great time!

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