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GP Tutor Profile - Mr Lim Min Hein

Talk about engaging General Paper (GP) lessons designed to refine your argumentative style of writing, or to provide a boost for your comprehension answering techniques, or both and much more.

Mind Centre is certainly the right place for that as our GP specialist Mr Lim is an interesting and humorous tutor who makes GP fun to learn. He teaches writing and reasoning techniques that prove to be invaluable aids to students who are struggling with writing good essays, application questions (AQ) and structured questions. He writes his own essays and answers for AQ and includes his unique insights and views, along with very up-to-date facts and figures to provide guide students in answering a whole spectrum of question types.

What’s more, Mr. Lim teaches language skills to help students improve their ability to persuade and impress examiners, and he provides tips to students on how to manage their time so that they can produce outstanding pieces of work within the stipulated examination time limit. For the record, Mr Lim’s dedication and methods have produced innumerable ‘A’ students, so wait no further and join his class to attain stellar results for your upcoming GP exam! Call 6285 5891 / 9838 8821 now to find out about the timeslots.

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