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Secondary 1 Head start Holiday Program

Holiday Program: Strategic Head start Preparation for Secondary 1

(Special $25 discount given for existing students only)

After the PSLE exams, our tuition classes will be taking a break in lieu of the extended time we have completed. Classes resume on the first or second week of November according to the schedule below. A total of four sessions per subject, two in November and two in December, will be provided covering Secondary 1 topics at the same tuition fee (a ‘special’ just for our existing students). As students study eight subjects in Secondary 1, many find it tough to adjust. These holiday sessions will give them a good ‘head start’ to Secondary 1.

The tentative dates for the Sec 1 Head Start Holiday Program are as follows:

Mathematics (First two Secondary 1 topics, and Math quizzes)

Sat 4/11,11/11,16/12, 23/12 (or 30/12)

Mon 6/11, 13/11, 11/12, 18/12

9.30am – 11am

5.30pm – 7pm

English (Secondary1 Creative writing, Comprehension & SUMMARY skills)

Sat 11/11,18/11, 23/12, 30/12

Sat 4/11, 11/11,16/12, 23/12 (or 30/12)

Fri 3/11, 10/11, 22/12, 29/12

5.15pm – 6.45pm

11am – 12.30pm

5.30pm to 7pm

Science (First two Secondary 1 topics as well as experiments & hands-on Science


Fri 10/11, 17/11, 15/12, 22/12 (or 29/12)

Mon 6/11 , 13/11, 11/12, 18/12

Sun 5/11, 12/11, 10/12, 17/12 ( or 24/12)


5.30pm – 7pm

5.15pm-6.45pm or 4.30pm – 6pm

Chinese (Secondary1 Creative writing & Comprehension skills)

Tues 29/11, 13/12, 20/12, 27/12

Wed 8/11, 15/11, 13/12, 20/12 (or 27/12)

Sat 4/11, 11/11, 23/12, 30/12

5.30pm – 7pm

4.30pm – 6pm


Should any student be away for camps or overseas holidays during this period, we will do our best to provide alternative ‘makeup’ classes so he/she attends four sessions per subject. Please let me know the timeslot/s you are interested in by texting/calling me at 98388821 or 62855891. Thank you.

Yours sincerely

Violet Lim,


Mind Centre for Learning

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