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Mathematical Modelling 2 : The Remodelling

[PSLE Maths and up: Mathematical Modelling]

So: Popular demand has answered, here's another post on mathematical modelling.

You might notice something unusual:

Yes, it's the same problem! Driving further for cheaper rice, or driving less for more expensive rice again. But, it's been presented by a different individual, and the feel of the presentation is different as a result.

In Maths, it's important to take into account multiple viewpoints. Even if they seem to be looking at the same problem, a different person can develop different insights towards the problem.

On that note, let me add on to last week's post: The reason why algebra is used in these sorts of mathematical models is simple.

Rice has a different cost depending on where you are in the world. Some countries like Taiwan, which grows their own rice, can afford to price rice at a lower rate than other countries since there's a reduction in various costs such as levies, packaging and transport. Keeping it as an algebra helps to keep the model flexible and adaptive, allowing it to transform and change.


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