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Unfaithful Nutrition Labels and Maths

[S2 Maths & S3 Food & Nutrition: Nutritional Labels]

We're entering the kinky territory now: Unfaithful nutritional labels.

Make no mistake, though, while it does not apply to all foods, it's good to keep an eye out for these sorts of details. If there ever was an inconsistency that shows up, it is very telling about the way the country's economics and politics handles these matters - They've either done it very well and left near-zero room for errors, or they've purposely left it ambiguous; at least, ambiguous enough for companies to justify pumping inaccuracies on their labels.

"Does this matter?" Of course it does; why would you want to buy a lie? Why would anyone want to be lied to, save for the fact that it's saving them from something far worse? We, as children who've been told to find exact values in our classes, have to toil for a perfect answer; and now society itself is saying that it's all right for companies to waddle and lie their way through the consumers who trust their product? You have every right, as a citizen, to be sceptical, mindful and angry at things that betray your trust.


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