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The Scutoid

[S4 Maths & S3 Biology: Cells]

This is a field I didn't think I would step into, but here I am. Mathematics in biology?!

The scutoid is a special arrangement that lets cells communicate with each other, to inter-connect and transmit information with each other while keeping the flexibility of the cell network pliable.

How does our skin stretch? How do we pick up objects with our fingers, without Newton's Third Law of Motion causing the feedback energy to damage our fingers? It's believed that the formation of these scutoid cells (which allow inter-cellular communication) help the skin behave as a flexible medium for cushioning impact while maintaining the ability to respond to various types of trauma; heat, incision, blunt force etc.

Your body, and biological life in general, is a scientific marvel cultivated through millenia of evolution. Cherish it well.


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