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The Average Person

[P6 Maths and up - Average]

You've probably heard of the term 'average' quite a fair bit by now. The average number of years it takes for a tree to grow, the average score of your classmates compared to other classes, average is used in many, many scenarios.

But, when the average is taken to quite the extreme, it's kind of funny because what the average describes does not necessitate that reality should make it occur. We can have a whole bunch of averages, and yet when it comes down to a single person in the world possessing all of those average traits, something wonky happens.

The 'average' person actually does not exist. It's funny that those averages are suppose to give us a better understanding of ourselves, yet when it came down to the specifics, there is not a single person in this world who possesses all of those qualities we determined.

We are all unique, in our own way. We don't always have to score the best in the exams to be remembered. And it's fine to be imperfect; Just remember, when someone compares your unique traits to 'the average person', they're comparing you to a statistic, not an actual person. No need to feel 'left out' and 'out of place' when the 'average' they're referring to didn't exist in the first place, haha.


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