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Japan Sinks - I mean, Jakarta Sinks

[S3 and up Social Studies: Jakarta]

The title is supposed to be a joke on how there was a movie called Japan Sinks, though I would guess that pretty much none of the viewers of this blog even know what that movie was, calling it Japanese animation for children or something. (spoilers, it's not, that's a very dark and catastrophic movie)

The impact of modernity and transforming the cityscape into a modernised landscape brings about many changes. Some are good, like having WiFi access even underground at the newly-built MRT stations in Singapore. Some are debatable, like how the many urban structures around Singapore have become a hotspot for birds (like the common sparrow, the small brown bird with a tough beak, yeah you know that one; or the rock pigeon, the grey bird around Singapore, you know that one too) to roost and build nests in HDB wiring vents, abandoned air-conditioning units which helps reduce mosquito populations at the expense of bird poop everywhere.

Some change, well. They're not nice. Not at all.

It's important to think about whether our daily necessities are going to be used up one day. Most of the water in Singapore is imported from Malaysia, actually - Imagine what would happen if the pipe transferring the water had a leak, which wasted the water into the ocean between both countries, sparking tensions from both sides and people starting a war just for wearing the wrong shirt to the worst occasion possible.

It's good for you to think about these problems, they'll be very helpful to your studies moving forward. What measures would you propose to Indonesia for resolving this environmental crisis?


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