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Day before PSLE Exam Tips

Dear Parents

Day before PSLE Exam Tips and Secondary 1 Head start Holiday Program

I believe that your son / daughter has enjoyed our tuition classes. I would like to seek your help to remind him/her to sleep early the night before the examination. Lack of sleep may result in difficulty in thinking clearly to tackle complex questions. In addition, please remind him/her to spend an hour or more to revise the following the day before their exam:

English: our ‘Creative Writing Descriptive Phrases’ for use in their compositions

Science: the key highlighted points of our Science Guidebook used for tuition

and the solutions to all test papers and tuition book questions which they had previously answered in error

Maths: the Maths formulae and solutions to problem sums in their test papers and tuition books which they previously had difficulty working out

Chinese: ‘Creative Writing Descriptive Phrases’ for composition writing as well as study error areas of all past practice papers and other tuition and school material

Yours sincerely

Violet Lim,


Mind Centre for Learning

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