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Marc Lim (2018 'O' Level student who scored A1 in Physics and Chemistry) 

"Something I really liked about how Mr Lim taught me was how critical he was of my answers. Even though, in my head, I knew these concepts were correct, but he always found faults in my answers for me to improve on. Even if the concepts and ideas were correct, he was very critical about the way in which I explained it. This was because my answers could sometimes be ambiguous and could lead to the marker misinterpreting it, which would lead to a loss of marks. As such, it made me realise that not only were concepts important, but the way in which I explained them was too. It made me practise writing in very clear and understandable phrasing such that it would be hard for the examiner to deduct my marks away. 

I also liked how Ms Violet Lim would question me about topics I have done every now and then. This was extremely helpful in jotting my memory for topics which I have done months ago, which, in the long term, really helped me to remember almost everything in chemistry. Without the occasional questioning about previous topics, there is a high chance that I may have forgotten about the concepts in them as I would not be doing them in school.


Mind Centre also has a really good studying method they called the “quick method.” It involves looking at the questions, thinking about the answers, and striking them off if you got it right. It was extremely helpful for me because I found that when I did the questions through writing, I would more often than not be spending more time writing than actually thinking. Hence, using this method really allowed me to squeeze 20 minutes worth of studying into just 5 minutes or less. However, it is still important to practice writing answers as it helps to verify whether or not you have the necessary keywords in your answers".


Jaryl Ng (2018 'O' Level Student) 

"I attended Mind Centre for Physics in January of 2018, back then my standard of Physics was rather low at a D7. However, Mind Centre’s methodology helped improve my grades tremendously to an A2. Mr Lim helped me go through varying questions of different difficulties and some actually came out for the O Levels. I would not have gotten the grade without Mind Centre and the caring tutors there. 
In August 2018 I started taking English lessons, my English is rather weak at that point and it was rather late to start tuition. However Mind Centre is very strategic with their approach for the O Levels - they helped me improve 2 grades within 2 months by making us memorize a wide array of descriptive phrases and vocab. I would recommend Mind Centre to anyone. It is in my opinion one of the best ways to gear up for the O Levels. Thank you Mind Centre and Mr Lim for your guidance."


Leon Goh, 2014 GCE 'A' Levels (NYJC) who improved from U to A ​for his 'A' Level Chemistry


"Before joining Mind Centre, I was very weak in Chemistry, scoring a U grade in the promotional exam in JC1. However, under the tutelage of Mrs. Lim and her use of mind maps and memory aids, I managed to better understand the harder topics. Furthermore, lessons conducted at Mind Centre are not only interesting and informative but are also done in small groups, ensuring that the teacher is able to keep track of our progress. All of this eventually allowed me to improve by leaps and bounds, scoring a B in my prelims and finally an A in my 'A' Levels. In short. my experience at Mind Centre was a fun and good one, and I would definitely recommend others to join."


An SMS exchange between teacher Violet and student James Wong who took English, Chemistry, and Biology tuition at Mind Centre:


Violet: Just so happy you got As for Science n English. I am curious about which topic you did for English and whether you used our descriptive phrases? Did you ?  Also if you used the picking line by line technique for summary in order to get more content marks. Or anything else you think you did that helped. It's very few who get As for English throughout Singapore schools. Let me know so we can help more of our current students who are not strong. What you did can help others :) 

James: I did the descriptive essay and used the picking line technique for summary and also used essay book to get ideas and a back bone on how to write.

Violet:  Thanks. Glad the summary technique worked.  Good choice of essay :) that was the most important decision you made to do the descriptive essay. Good to hear the essay book helped. Did you use any of Mr Lim n Mind Centre's descriptive phrases from the paper we issue?

James:  Yes I used quite a lot … Like titillating tastebuds and more … Like a searing pain ripped through my body.​


Sheng Jie, who studied English with us for just 3 months (starting August 2015) before his 'O' Levels exam, improved from D7 to B3 in his English. When asked to share how his tuition helped, he gave the following testimonial:

"Mr. Lim is a very friendly and engaging tutor. Lessons are fun and makes learning interesting. The descriptive phrases given to me were exceptionally useful and together with the strategic lesson approach, I managed to make a breakthrough in my exams to get B3, a remarkable improvement from a D7 in my prelims."

When asked what she thought helped her secure an A1 for Pure Chem (2015 'O' Levels), Lenice mentioned the following:

"I think what helped me was the way you taught and the practice! Your funny stories and analogies helped me remember a lot of things! :)"​


Mathew Loo obtained A for GP and Chemistry when studying with Mind centre for his GCE 'A' level. His testimonial:

"Mind centre is dedicated to getting the best out of students by constantly providing advice and encouraging their students. They are also very accomodating in terms of the lesson timings in order to help students manage and plan their time better. Overall, Mind Centre provides a lot of support to their students."


Ng Jing Wen, who studied POA with us, said:

" Mdm Betty Yew has been tutoring me for a few months in the year 2015. She is a patient, kind and meticulous teacher. I am very thankful that she is my tutor and helped me score an A2 for my Principles of accounts O Levels examination in 2015. Whenever I have problems in my studies, I will always text her and she will always be there helping me through. I doubt I will be able to get this grades without her. I wish her healthy and long life." 



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