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Trick Teapot

[S1 Science - Solids, liquids and gases]

Hey, did you know that there were trick teapots that let you pour different liquids from the same teapot?

Yes, I know it's called an 'Assassin's Teapot' in the video, but don't be fooled into thinking that it's only used in China. There are records of a similar tool used for street magic, called an Inexhaustible Bottle, which was used mainly as a means of demonstrating hydrostatics... at least, official accounts suggest so.

Imagine that, to my surprise, there have been traces of nobles, serfs and maids keeping such teapots in their homes! It seems that the performances by the Inexhaustible Bottle were of such delight to the nobles that they would spare no expense in acquiring it for their own homes. Be it for bragging rights to other members of their social class, or simply for daily use to serve two different drinks to the nobles; either way, this trick teapot is a widely celebrated novelty enjoyed across cultures alike.


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