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Toilet plungers and pranks

[S1 Science - Matter] You've probably used the toilet at home a lot of times. And, for the more curious, maybe you've looked inside at whatever mechanisms were within, wondering how they actually worked.

The Pythagorean siphon (also known as the Cup of Tantalus) shown in this video is used everywhere. Your washing machine, for one. Your toilet, for another. It's sometimes used in novelty trinkets, like an oil-based hourglass, if you're lucky.

Ever wanted to get your hands on one? I actually have something for you to ponder over, should you be interested:

Yeah! You can get your very own handheld Pythagorean-inspired cup here! A physics toy like so would make for a great Christmas gift, wouldn't you say? Of course, it's fine if you can't afford it by yourself. You could discuss with your friends, and everyone can contribute a small amount to the cause.

(But please don't use it to fill unusual beverages. And if you're an adult, I'll say it here, there are more products on the webpage which feature a Klein stein. But, please drink responsibly. Don't fill the outer layer with coffee and the inner one with beer to pass off that you're working under non-inebriated conditions.)


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