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Fig wasps are cool.

[Pri Science: Adaptations]

I'm not too much of a Science teacher, but I can appreciate some of the cooler things that animals do to survive.

Inside of the fig, the males and females are protected from other predators such as spiders, because those are too large to fit through the fig hole. Here we see a mutual symbiosis of sorts: The fig wasps rely on the fig for protection and reproduction, and in turn the figs are pollinated by the wasps that leave the fig to land upon another fig.

It's an interesting adaptation. (But uh... Don't be surprised to see a dead fig wasp inside of a fig.)

(yes you are eating fig wasps when you eat figs, now you can stop screaming at people eating crickets or locusts or cockroaches, your life is forever ruined, there truly is a fig wasp among us.)


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