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Formal Introduction to Stoichiometry

[S3 and above: Stiochiometry & Mole] Let's say you have a junior whom is currently struggling with Chemistry, specifically the mole questions given how it's confusing and somewhat like complicated Maths.

How would you explain the concept of moles to such a junior? Whether they might be a junior from school, or a child of a relative / your spouse, it's not always easy to explain what moles are, especially when they're based off of a ratio. Good news is, British physicist and science presenter Steve Mould has a helpful video to help you understand.

Simply put, a mole is regarded as a ratio between the mass of the element/compound, and the atomic mass of the element/compound in question. It's a standardised unit chemists agreed on in order to help make their calculations easier.

It's easier for chemists to work on long-term problems in Chemistry when they can simplify difficult concepts more easily. Just as how we describe the act of [expressing our thoughts through a specific medium with the intent for it to be received by a recipient, who would process it into profound understanding] as communication, keywords in the subjects we learn aim to compartmentalise familiar concepts to make teaching harder aspects easier later on.

It's a good idea to keep a small book with you, and write down complex words you've come across. Someday, you might end up using it in places you least expect - If not for yourself, then for a junior of yours.

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