The Predator and the Prey solution

December 3, 2019

(P6  - S2 Maths: Circles) Hey, hope you enjoyed the two-week suspense. (Please don't agonise over it like my kids did)


Kept you waiting, huh? Haha. Here's the solution as promised:



Wow, that's a mouthful! Thankfully, Professor Ben Sparks has a much more geometric (and intuitive) explanation, right here:




Isn't it wonderful how the event horizons intersect and allow the duck / mouse to escape?


(For those interested in higher level mathematics, the predator will always win if their speed is at least (𝜋 + r) time faster than the mouse. Bonus question: Prove that the prey can no longer escape when the predator's speed is equal to (𝜋 + r). You may opt for a visual proof, a direct proof or a proof by contradiction.)




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