The Predator and the Prey puzzle

[Pri6 / Sec2 Maths: Circles] Hey, here's a brainteaser for you: A prey is floating in the middle of a circular lake. A predator is prowling around the bank. The predator can run four times faster than the prey can swim, and the predator, hungry as it is, will always position itself in the best possible spot on the side of the lake to catch the (insert prey here). The prey can only escape safely from dry land. So, is there a way for the prey to reach the side of the lake, and run / fly to safety - without being caught by the predator? Some simple understanding of a circle's properties, as well as the ability to apply / manipulate ratios is all you require to solve this puzzle. Do you think y

Cogs in Odd Numbers

[P4 Maths Angles - S4 Maths Geometry & Trigonometry] An odd number of cogs spells trouble for motivational posters like the one featured here. When the students turn clockwise, the teachers turn counter-clockwise to match the movement and everything works perfectly... ... except when parents mesh with both teachers and students, causing the entire system to mesh together and lock each other up. It's funny how misshapen, yet ironically accurate that is for most educational systems. (Hopefully not in Singapore, haha!) But is it possible to connect an odd number of cogs and have it spin flawlessly without jamming up? Apparently so! Watch on to find out more here: Mobius-Loop Cogs

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