The 'Everything' Formula

You probably have heard of graphs if you have covered any pictographs in your chldhood and/or are currently in your Sec 1 studies, trying to understand more about the equation y = mx + c. Well, drawing graphs can be a bit dry and tedious. And sometimes it's not always easy to see how graphs are meant to be used when you're not given context as to how the information represented on the graph is supposed to be used. Well, don't sweat the details too much. Matt Parker is here to share with you what is perhaps one of the strangest and coolest graphs you'll ever come across - A graph whose plot explains its own function to you. The 'Everything' Formula

Better Ways to Board Planes

Have you ever wondered why it seems to take so long, just to board a plane? People stumbling about, crowding and congesting the aisle, noisy kids and grumpy old couples complaining about their legs while waiting? You're not alone. As it turns out, it's an international problem happening in all countries. So begs the question - Could we board the plane faster? CGP Grey explores the various methods we could employ to board planes. But perhaps the biggest question to ask is, when will we discipline ourselves to strive for such perfection? The Better Boarding Method Airlines Won't Use

Iridescent Universal Indicator

Have you ever wondered about how you can recreate a rainbow inside a big glass tube, but you don't know how and are afraid that it's too dangerous to mess with the laws of optics? Physicist Steve Mould shows you how to produce one with a universal indicator. (Warning: Sodium hydroxide is a dangerous chemical & should not be handled by anyone unauthorised.) Drop acid and see rainbows

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