Of Plants and Life Cycles

And while we are on the subject of primary school science, here's a time-lapse video of a seed germinating over time: Click here

MC3 with Secondary Science

Attention all Secondary Science students, Whether it is a needed boost for your upcoming finals, or to strengthen your foundation for next year’s major exams, rest assured that our fabulous team of patient and dedicated Science tutors, each with their own specialisations and extensive experiences in Chemistry, Physics and Biology, are very well-placed to clarify your queries on the various topics and guide you towards bettering your answering techniques using Mind Centre’s unique MC3 studying methodology. Indeed, achieving As and multiple grade improvements for your subjects is no longer unattainable. To find out more call 6285 5891 / 9838 8821 now.

GP Tutor Profile - Mr Lim Min Hein

Talk about engaging General Paper (GP) lessons designed to refine your argumentative style of writing, or to provide a boost for your comprehension answering techniques, or both and much more. Mind Centre is certainly the right place for that as our GP specialist Mr Lim is an interesting and humorous tutor who makes GP fun to learn. He teaches writing and reasoning techniques that prove to be invaluable aids to students who are struggling with writing good essays, application questions (AQ) and structured questions. He writes his own essays and answers for AQ and includes his unique insights and views, along with very up-to-date facts and figures to provide guide students in answering a whol

Abstract Relations

Finding the concepts of Gravitational field and B-field a bit too abstract and difficult to make sense of? If you are taking Physics at the ‘A’ level and feel that some of the topics are a bit challenging, not to worry it’s actually a common phenomenon. Perhaps it may be more fruitful and time-efficient to tap on the experience of a senior tutor such as our Physics expert Dr Sim who is able to provide a clear overview of things and assist with your answers. For more information about our JC Physics timeslots call us now at 6285 5891 / 9838 8821. Alternatively, you may visit us at Blk 265, Serangoon Central Drive, #04-267 (3 mins walk from Nex Mall (Serangoon Central) for a chat.

Mathematically-challenging times?

Vectors – a little hard to comprehend? Complex Numbers – a bit too complex for your liking? If you are a JC student taking Mathematics and are constantly having issues with the above-mentioned topics and perhaps more, it may be time to engage the assistance of an experienced senior tutor such as our Maths guru Ardon. What more with the crucial exams coming up soon. Call us now at 6285 5891 / 9838 8821 to find out about our JC Maths timeslots. Alternatively, you may visit us at Blk 265, Serangoon Central Drive, #04-267 (3 mins walk from Nex Mall (Serangoon Central) for a chat.

Chemically Disengaged?

Dear JC Chemistry student, Are you experiencing some difficulty in grasping the concepts of Chemical Bonding, Ionic Equilibrium, and Electrochemistry? With more than a decade of teaching experience, our Chemistry specialist Jon So is well-placed to clarify your queries and assist with your answering techniques. Call us now at 6285 5891 / 9838 8821 to find out about the timeslots. Alternatively, you may visit us at Blk 265, Serangoon Central Drive, #04-267 (3 mins walk from Nex Mall (Serangoon Central) for a chat.

Economics essay-writing - not your cup of tea?

Calling all JC students! Intrigued about how macroeconomic policies are applied in Singapore to boost our economic growth, reduce unemployment as well as inflation, and to boost our global competitiveness? Our affable Economics tutor David (more than 10 years of Economics tutoring experience) is ever ready to clarify your queries and assist with refining your essay-answering techniques. Call us now at 6285 5891 / 9838 8821 to find out about the time-slots.

Maths Teaser

10 is added to a certain number. The sum is then divided by 5. The quotient is then multiplied by 10 and the product is found to be half of 220. What is the number?

SA2 just around the corner?

Calling all parents! Need some extra boost to prepare for the upcoming assessment? Our tutors are help to assist! If your child is facing challenges in composition/comprehension, or need some help in clarifying some of the Maths/Science concepts, call us now at 6285 5891 / 9838 8821 to register.

Fast Primary Workshop (Saturdays 18 & 25 August 2018, 3.30 - 5.30pm)

It's never too early to prepare for the future with Mind Centre's Fast & Effective techniques! Dear Parents, My name is Violet Lim and I’m the Founder of Mind Centre. We specialise in using a Fast and Systematic System that helps students to drastically cut down learning time while achieving A’s and multiple grade improvement. For the past 15 years, we’ve helped hundreds of students to achieve their biggest results improvement for their English, Math, Science and Chinese. Many of our P6 students secured good Secondary schools and our O & A levellers secured places in top University courses like Medicine, Dentistry, Law, Accounting, Engineering etc. Prior to starting Mind Centre, I was also h


Parents, want to know more about Mind Centre's MC3 studying methodology that harnesses the power of the mind to help your child do better for their exams? Come hear from our Principal Violet Lim about the Mind-focused techniques students have picked up here at Mind Centre. These techniques have successfully helped our past students score As and achieved multiple grade improvements. More to come, watch this space!

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